Sunday, March 08, 2009

Essay for Choi?

The owner of the dojang is starting to add on things that I don't agree with. I found out tonight that brown belts must now write an essay and give it to her that says why they want to be a black belt. This must happen before they are allowed to test for black belt. Of course, this is on top of the having to write all the ways they are polite in a journal. Since no one has turned them in (she tried to start this in January), everyone must turn in at least 3 ways per day they were polite. OK. My kids have enough work to do with school. I'm not about to make them write these essays or keep a journal. Both of my kids consistently bring home "Good Citizen" awards from school, this on top of the good grades I expect them to get. (Lower grades are only acceptable if they've put every effort into getting a good grade and it has just been unattainable.) So, now we see how far it can be pushed before I just throw up my hands and walk out.

It's quite likely that if I don't cooperate (or make my kids do these writings) that we'll be informed that we can't test. If THAT happens, I'll either wait and test in April for brown senior (with my daughter) or simply inform her to give me a refund on testing and leave. If my daughter and I don't test on time this month, it's likely to mean we won't be allowed to test for black belt in June. I have no intention of being around over the summer, so if we don't test in June, we won't test until December. That, of course, assumes that we return at all.

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