Saturday, March 07, 2009

Burn OUT!

I'm tired. I'm sure I'm trying not to become a victim to the illnesses from school (there's a very bad tummy bug going around) and I've been over busy this week. As a result, I got home yesterday, fixed dinner and sat down with a large glass of wine. The dishes are dirty, the kids' rooms are messy and hubby actually went to the doctor yesterday because HE wasn't feeling good. I've made people mad because I haven't had time to call back, I've made executive decisions that didn't work out. All in all a very trying week.

This morning I meet up with my cub scout den to hike at Stone Mountain. I can't say I'm eager to go. Tomorrow we have a den meeting at the church to make up for the one missed last weekend. Can someone say STOP? Next week isn't going to be much better. I'm just waiting on the other shoe to fall on SOMETHING.

Whether it's me getting sick (I'm not allowed), kids getting sick, us being told we can't test for Choi (explain later), or something else. I'm just waiting..

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