Saturday, February 07, 2009

Budget Cutting

I'm watching the news and listening to the rumors. I have to admit that I've been concerned these past few years about my kids' education, but this year I've really started to worry. With the economy in the gutter, education is taking a hit again. Now they're even talking about taking school nurses away from the system as well. I've watched what goes on in the clinic and I know that there are several students (in several schools in this area) that have special needs that require extra care. I would hope that they'd take these kids into consideration when it comes to where to cut corners.

As to my kids, I've been watching and reading about home schooling. This has pushed me into doing more and actually talking to friends who home school about what they do. I'm actually contemplating pulling my kids at the beginning of the next school year and taking over. In a way, I think it would do my kids a world of good. On the other hand, I know it poses challenges for it to succeed. Not the least of which is my kids cooperating with me to actually get the work done.

I'm not in a rush, my husband and I had discussed my doing this some time ago. The decision had been to see where we were when we got ready for my son to head to middle school. At the rate the system is going, though, I may move that up. I'll have to see how things work out by May, see what I need to get together to home school and have a sit-down family discussion about the whole thing.

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