Saturday, January 03, 2009

What we did Christmas Eve

My family is not "normal". If anyone asks "so what'd you do Christmas Eve?", we'd have to answer "We went to Old Town." For those of you that have been to Kissimee or have been to Celebration, Old Town is an old carnival/fair that is permanently placed on 192. We got there early, bought wrist bands for the kids and stayed until 9pm. When they went back to the condo, they crashed. It made for an "easy" Christmas Eve that the kids loved. I picked these pictures out of hubby's stash.

My son and my oldest nephew on the swinging boat.

My niece loves penguins, so she decided she needed to win the Pokemon equivalent.

My son and my oldest nephew, dropping rapidly.

They all had to play Laser Tag.

My oldest nephew decided to be a goof and ride the carousel.

The rest of us waiting while the boys rode the roller coaster 6 times and my daughter rode the tilt-a-wheel.

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