Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have to wonder just what those added fees that Ticketmaster adds on to ticket prices are really for. I mean, really, $11/ticket as an added fee on top of the ticket price? I keep finding shows that I'd love to go to, but end up having to pass on. The initial ticket fees are bad enough, it's just insult to have to pay to get them in the first place. I've tried bypassing the ticketmonster and getting them directly from the facility in question, but you still have to pay the ticketmonster prices. For example, I'd love to go see Stomp. Ticket prices run at $52-58/person for a good seat. Then add on the $11/ticket. You're looking at $63-$69 per person. Then add on the $3 fee to print your own tickets at home and a family of four ends up paying $255-279 to go see a show. Thanks, but I'll pass.
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