Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wrapping Presents

With just over a week left until the kids are out for the holidays, I figured I'd better get in gear and get gifts wrapped. So, I took about 2 hours yesterday morning just for the purpose of wrapping gifts to the kids NOT in my house. Then I got out all the gifts just for my kids and made sure I had "everything" I needed. I discovered I'm short on small stuff for my son and was short one something bigger for my daughter. Since I hadn't finished shopping for the adults, for the first time in over a year I actually went to the mall. I succeeded in shopping for my husband and my mother-in-law. That leaves my brother-in-law and his wife to complete. I think. I'll figure it out this weekend when I finish wrapping everything else. When my kids got home from school, they discovered tree had sprouted.. of course that meant they had to look at all the tags. They've been warned to not pick anything up since a good bit of it may be fragile. I suspect it'll hold 'em for now.
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