Monday, December 15, 2008

Lake Lanier Nights of Lights

We went Saturday evening with another family. We squished 8 of us into a 7 person van. It's a good thing we did, it was $40 to get in. We had a $5 off coupon from Publix, so we paid $35. Still a lot of money. We got there around 6:30 to tour the lights, which is a good thing. We finished our visit around 9p and the line to get IN to the park was almost to 985. Since it closes at about 11p, most of those folk wouldn't make it in. On our way out, we stopped at Wendy's to get a late dinner. We were definitely not the first group to get that idea. The Nights of Lights are apparently good for the restaurants on that road as well.

There was a live Nativity scene, though we didn't stop. It was cold, we had 5 kids to keep rounded up and there was an over large crowd. So we decided to pass and continue on the lights path. We did stop at the Christmas village/fair. The kids enjoyed toasted marshmallows ($2 for a stick of 5 marshmallows).

There are carnival rides, it's $16 for 20 tickets. We didn't do any of those. They also have a short performance called "A Christmas Tale" that shows regularly as well.

I tried my hand at taking pictures with my little camera, here's some of what I managed to capture.

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