Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Malibu Grand Prix

I took my son and his friend to Malibu Saturday late afternoon. We braved the very windy weather to help him celebrate his birthday a bit early. Anyway, we played a round of mini-golf first. It's just as well we didn't try to keep score. I lost my ball somewhere in the ivy around the 16th hole.

The boys weren't sure about driving the go-carts the first time around. By the time they were through, though, they decided it was definitely a highlight. We had dinner there (not cheap, around $7 per person for a hamburger meal) but it was good to warm us up before we continued. I gave the boys a limited amount of tokens to then play video games with (not a huge video game room, but decent selection of both ticket and regular video games). They blew through their tokens in about 30-45 minutes. This wasn't overly surprising. After we cashed out tickets, we drove the carts one more time. The boys are definitely ready to go back.

Not a cheap adventure, but worth a day in better weather to get their attraction band. You have to be 54" to drive one of the go-carts. They do have two-seaters that an adult can drive while a smaller child can ride. The bumper boats are closed until spring, which suited me fine. I can't say I wanted to get in or on water when it's cold. They do have two mini-golf courses as well.

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