Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fernbank Cub Scout Day

I took both of my kids to Fernbank Museum yesterday. It was Cub Scout day and Cubs in uniform got $6 off entry. They had scientists from different fields with tables on the main floor talking about what they were researching. From fluid solids (ie: cornstarch & water), astronomy, the human brain (and memory), the psychology of ergonomics, and more. My daughter wasn't overly cooperative except in a few cases. For some reason the ergonomics of things peaked her interest, especially when it came to a remote control car that didn't control the way it should. She also enjoyed looking at the tiny creatures in swamp water (or pond water) that Clayton State college had set up.

My son found the fluidity of solids interesting (cornstarch & water) and astronomy. One of the gentlemen had a small telescope set up and explained how it worked. The ergonomics was also fascinating to him as well. Both of my kids had fun looking at the photos laid out and trying to figure out what was "wrong" with each one.

Next weekend is Brownie day at the Science Center. For that one, my son will have to pass. Today's was open to the public, next week is just Brownies. I have to admit, Fernbank has some really cool programs that they put on for the kids. My kids think so too.

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