Saturday, September 06, 2008

Woo Hoo! (Kitchen)

The cabinet doors (barring any further incidents with trash and heat) are done! They should all be mounted by the end of today and hopefully I'll post a picture later. Then I'll be onto the next portion of my kitchen renovation project.

Trials and Tribulations of painting kitchen cabinets..

  • When painting and it's humid, don't use newspaper to catch extra paint. It sticks to the doors making them have to be sanded and redone.
  • When painting and it's humid, don't stack primed doors on top of each other. They will become one mass of wood, causing them to be sanded and redone.
  • Don't let children walk around painted (and tacky) doors. Trash will get onto the door and have to be removed. If caught quickly enough, they don't have to be redone.
  • Be prepared to sand and repaint/prime doors at any time.
  • Be prepared to console husband because he can't park in the garage due to primed/painted doors.
  • Be prepared to annoy husband so that he gets his part of the kitchen done.
  • Be prepared to be annoyed.
  • Be prepared to ENJOY your kitchen once it's done.
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