Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Planning Camping

I'm working on planning the pack camping trip at the end of October and I'm flooding myself with ideas. Too many cool things that I can get in trouble with. Like having a scavenger hunt and have one of the items be to tie up a boy from the other team and turn him in. Or, having our own version of a pancake cook-off with a boy from each level of scout do a job: webelos set/light the fire, bears cook the pancake, wolves pour the batter, tigers eat the (mostly raw) pancake.. then the winners race against the adults.. woo hoo!

Or playing night-hunter with one boy hiding and the rest of the pack hunting..

Or letting the boys cook their own funnel cakes..

Or doing a science experiment and exploding a paint can..

decisions decisions.. (un)fortunately my partner in craziness is helping me plan it.. so it won't all be my fault..

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