Thursday, August 14, 2008

Painting my kitchen cabinets - Hinges

Why can you get cabinet door knobs in bulk (10pack) but not hinges? You buy a pack of two, but you can't buy a 10-pack of 2. If you're redoing your kitchen, aren't you likely to want to replace the hinges as well? Or is that just me? My old hinges just won't do for my new kitchen look. Painting the hinges won't work as when you open/close the hinges, the paint comes back off. So, new hinges it must be. I have 38 cabinet doors in my kitchen. So, I'll have to have 38 pairs of hinges for my cabinets. I really don't want to pay $3/pair of hinges to finish fixing my kitchen, but apparently I have no choice. Home Depot and Lowes are not helping me here..
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