Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kitchen light debate

My husband and I aren't agreeing on what should go above the sink in our kithen for lighting. Originally it was a simple bar light (very old, quite ugly). I'd suggested recessed lighting, but he said no. A friend suggested a mini pendant type light. I don't know that I want the window blocked. So I had decided on a track light (maybe a 3-light version). I like a little style, so I was thinking one of the S-type. The debate now is, hubby wants it to "disappear". If it's going to be there, I'd like it to stand out. I like a cobalt blue or similar color. Hubby, of course, prefers white. Of course, if he really wants it to disappear, it should really be recessed lighting. What do you think?

This is the fixture I'm thinking of only with a white finish and blue shades..

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