Monday, July 14, 2008

Disney! First day of Vacation

Here is the first installment of pictures from our family vacation. We actually didn't spend a lot of time at Disney this trip, but we did go.

Hollywood Studios - it was the last day of Star Wars Weekends so we had to go for my son. Not much in the way of photos, just these two. My son had hoped to get an autograph of "little Annakin", but apparently it was a fast pass only event. People were outside the gates by midnight and all fast passes gone by 10 minutes after the park opened. So even if we'd been aware of it, it wouldn't have happened.

While we didn't do a lot this day, we did get to see the Indiana Jones show, shop at the Cantina and ride the Backlot Tour. I would have thought they had more Star Wars stuff going on, but I would guess if they did it was earlier in the month. There was a disappointing lack of Star Wars "extras" given that the event was going on. The only add-ons we found were a couple of actors in the parade and a chance to meet them if you camped out. Otherwise, it was "as normal" for Star Wars at the park.

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