Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Disaster Movies

Sean Connery had Meteor (1979), Tommy Lee Jones had Volcano (1997), Tom Cruise had War of the Worlds (2005), Pierce Brosnan had Dante's Peak (1997), Dennis Quaid had The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and I'm sure there are plenty more. I'm a sucker for bad movies and I don't mean the way they're filmed. Growing up my father and I would sit on Saturday afternoons and watch this genre of film. So my husband tends to laugh at me when I find them on TV and proceed to watch them. Of course, as I've gotten older I've started appreciating the actors that much more. I won't complain, I enjoy the movies, but I do have to wonder why? What's the attraction of watching parts of the world getting blown to bits? Is it just the actor or is it that I'm a sucker for a film I don't have to think through?
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