Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stone Mountain Sky Hike revisited

We went back to Stone Mountain Monday with some friends of ours to visit the Sky Hike. All of the levels are now open. My children decided they must try at least the second level. We got to the park right about 9:50, the Sky Hike opens at 10a which worked well for us. We had no more wait than it took to get the others in front of us harnessed up. All of the children did the first level without any real problem. My daughter had issues with the second level and at the end decided she'd had enough. My son and his friend continued on to the third.

The second level follows the same course as the first level, with different rope obstacles to do. The third level starts and finishes right next to the end of the second level with stairs going up and down. Unlike the other two levels, the third course is a one way with no option to change track or obstacles. It goes about 1/2 way down the course of the other two and then the hiker turns and returns the way they came on the other side.

My son's comment was that he had to pee as soon as he was done. His friend was scared and wanted to go back and do it again. The wait at that point, though, was at least 45 minutes. Since it had taken them an hour to do all three levels, we decided to wait and return later. When we did, my son decided to pass on doing it again, so we hit the Great Barn instead.

My friend followed the kids around the course. She informed me that her toes hurt when she was done from trying to grip with them. Note if you plan to go, you cannot have anything loose (sunglasses,backpack, etc) though they do have lockers for you. You also have to have SECURED shoes.. no flipflops or such.

My son on the 2nd level..
End of the 2nd level, you can see the stairs going up to the 3rd level...
On the stairs to the 3rd level..
These are free swinging ropes on the 3rd level.. You step in a loop to cross. Note that someone is there to help the boys cross if they needed it..

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