Friday, June 27, 2008

Cleaning my house

I had my friend come and give me a push at getting stuff done around my house. She opened one of my closets and informed me I had WAY too much stuff. So, yea for me, I emptied out 3 super-size garbage bags full of towels and linens and still left enough for my family to use without problems. Might be kinda scary, but most of it we got as wedding gifts and the first few years we were married. Most of the twin stuff was stuff that we'd kept from our childhood and some things that were gotten for my kids over the years. I've now narrowed most of that down, though I still have a bit to go.

I also got into my kitchen and emptied the top cabinets. I had quite a few flower vases, I still have to sort through those. I had a huge number of candles, all of those will go. I had some crystal and other dishes, most of which will go on those as well. My sister will get first shot at most of it, the rest of the kid stuff will go to kidsignments to be sold. The remainder I'll probably give to goodwill.

Of course, I might not have been so productive had it not been a red alert smog day or if my computer had been working like it should. The sad thing is that I've hardly made a dent in the stuff I need to get rid of. It's a good thing I've given myself a full year to work through it all, I'll need the time.

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