Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Challenges

I think I could do without. I volunteered to be a leader this year at Cub Scout day camp, since my co-leader volunteered last year. I was asked to be a "herder of cats" and put on the Webelos II. These are the boys that at this point have just finished 4th grade and are rising up to 5th.

I was told at the Saturday leader meeting that I'd have 13 maybe 14 boys. A bit many, but given that most dens had 10-11, doable. Especially if I had a den chief (boy scout helper). It turns out that I had 20 boys and my den chief wasn't significantly older than them.

I suppose it worked out ok. I think most of the boys have enjoyed themselves up to this point. We've done BBs (with me teaching them), Archery (while I taught another group BBs), made a patrol flag, made personal first aid kits, dining flys, played octopus tag, put together walking staffs and lots more.

Remind me that next year I'll just do BBs or nothing. The boys are great, but it's a bit overwhelming.

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Lone Butterfly said...

Remind me to tell you about how Twilight Camp is going sometime... It's certianly a...challenge...

But all the boys are having a blast, and I think that's the general end result we want to see!