Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TV Repair

I hate phone tag. Our big tv decided to have problems about 2 weeks ago. I've since contacted a repair company listed as certified for our brand. It's a constant game of phone tag. Every so often I manage to connect with a real person, not an answering machine. I find that highly annoying. After all the tag, it boils down to they want $75-$450 to repair my TV (they won't know exactly what's wrong until they open it up). I tried to get them to just come out and look at it and I'd pay the visit fee, but their comment was "It's a waste of our time and yours to just do that. We gave you our estimate, it won't change." UGH! What happened to customer service? Will I use this company, absolutely not. Too hard to get in touch with and not the most user friendly of service.
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