Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fish Facts

I've spent two days this past week at the Aquarium. The first day was a regular day. The second I was scheduled to work as part of the Wyland mobile classroom that was there. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication so it didn't work out. Instead, I pitched in and had another somewhat "regular" work day. This works out as my next scheduled day is the 15th. My kids have off on the 15th.

Since my brain is with the fish, I thought I'd make a couple of points about Grouper that you may not be aware of. They're easy to photograph which is why I have so many photos. (Very curious fish). They like to hang out in the windows and watch visitors as well as in the tunnel. Anyway, did you know?

1 - It takes 15-20 years for a grouper to be able to reproduce?
2 - All grouper are born female. When they're ready to reproduce, the dominant female will become male if no male is available.
3 - Are also called "Sea Bass". In Australia, they're known as "Brindle Bass" and 'Potato Cod'.

As it is now, Grouper really isn't a sustainable fish. You can find out how to make better choices by going to Seafoodwatch is sponsored/created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Their web site has some great info about the choices you make in seafood.

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