Thursday, August 16, 2007

Violins, Guitars, music lessons, oh my!

Well, my son started guitar lessons in January this year and followed through until school got out. Because we were traveling so much over the summer, I dropped the classes to be picked back up when school starts. I know, not good for the retention of what he's learned. Unfortunately, not affordable otherwise.

My kids and I are already doing Choi twice a week. Scouts start up next week, which for my son is 3 Sundays a month, for my daughter it'll vary but generally every other Monday. They're allowed one "extra" activity that they get to pick. I'm helping this time around. My son informed me he wanted to do guitar and soccer. My daughter wanted to do violin, cheer leading, soccer and gymnastics. With our current schedule, I chose for them. We'll see how it works.

Since I can't guarantee that they'll get soccer practices on the same nights or that cheer leading won't interfere with something else, music is it. Guitar classes for my son and violin classes for my daughter start next Tuesday. My son has his guitar (yea). Now to get my daughter her violin.

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