Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Park TidBits

These are just a few of the things I enjoyed and thought I'd point out.

Character Meals
Norway (EPCOT World Showcase) has a great character breakfast for those with daughters into Princesses. When we visited, we had Jasmine, Mulan, Aurora, Belle and Snow White stop by to visit. Cinderella has her own breakfast/lunch. Mickey and friends can be found scattered around, though the best I've found is Chef Mickey in the Contemporary.

1- If you're a Disney Visa card holder, stop by EPCOT's Innoventions West. There is (or was when I was there) a Visa Character Spot. You can stop by, show your card, and get a free character photo taken with you/your family.
2- Off Kilter. I love to stop and listen to this group. Also at EPCOT at the stage in the Canadian area of the World Showcase. Check for show times.

3- Test Track. We love this ride. I'd suggest going early and getting a fast pass first thing (unless the wait isn't bad).
4- Soarin'. My kids loved this one. I haven't ridden it myself. Another recommendation for fast pass.

My normal stops in the World Showcase include Morocco (great food), Norway (love the ride), Japan (love the drummers), Canada (love Off Kilter). My kids would add that they love the shop at Japan 'cause of all the cool Pokemon and Yugioh stuff you can get. My mom likes France because of the Guerlain shop.

Magic Kingdom (favorite rides)
1- Space Mountain (fast pass!)
2- Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
3- Pirates of the Caribbean
4- It's a Small World
5- Haunted Mansion (currently closed)

MGM (rides and shows)
1- Lights, Motor, Action! (hit the first show, get there a bit early for a good seat)
2- Indiana Jones (show, recommend you get a fast pass!)
3- Rock'n Roller Coaster (also a fast pass option)
4- Star Tours (my kids like this one, recommend fast pass)

Animal Kingdom
1- Kilimanjaro Safari (we hit this one every time we go, don't sit at the back of the vehicle - you'll never get good photos, go early to this one - the animals are more active in the cooler morning times)
2- Expedition Everest (recommend a fast pass here, grab your fast pass then head to the safari)
3- Flights of Wonder (bird show)

We rode Dinosaur this time for the first time. It was an ok ride, very rough. If you've got back problems, I don't recommend it. The animals are the main draw at Animal Kingdom (duh). There are a couple of walking trails - one in Africa and one in Asia that are good to do. There's also Discovery Island and several exhibits scattered around the park. Expect to do a lot of viewing (we normally do this park in a half-day period - then go to the room and rest. From there either head to another park, go swim, or go to Downtown Disney).

Downtown Disney
Great shopping. Warning that the World of Disney shop tends to be PACKED, especially in the evenings. The Lego store has some tables outside where kids can build with Legos. It also has some cool things built out of legos on display. There are, of course, several options for eating depending on what you want. We tend to head to the Rainforest Cafe. This is very kid friendly, which makes it a good choice for families.

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