Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pal Mickey

I bought one of these used on eBay and took it to Disney with us this past trip. I'd heard varying reviews, so here's mine. It's a cute toy. It will tell punny jokes at any time and your kids can get it to play one of 3 different games. If you're at the parks, it will activate information at certain points. Here's the break down:

Magic Kingdom - will tell you about the main show in front of Cinderella's castle. It gives you about a 30 minute warning prior to the show so you can get there. As you approach some of the rides (like Pirates of the Caribbean) it will ask you to go there and tell you either punny jokes or talk about the ride itself.

MGM Studios - has great information about movies, movie effects, etc. At a couple of the restaurants he will talk about the theme of the restaurant. He will also talk about the rides and suggest you should go see them.

EPCOT - Great for wandering the World Showcase. He tells some factoids about the various countries (like number of painters from France), how to say 'hello' in various languages, etc. He'll also describe rides as you approach them.

Animal Kingdom - He will identify the animals on Discovery Island and at various locations on the walking trails. He's not going to tell you them ALL, but it's nice that he tells you some of them as there may not be anyone there to otherwise talk about them. As at the other parks, he'll talk about the rides.

If you get one, make sure it has either the belt clip or the lanyard. It makes carrying him much easier. I recommend getting it used, unless you have something against used stuff. Otherwise, my kids and I both enjoyed playing with him.

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