Saturday, June 16, 2007


It's the small things that make you happy. My kids have patches that have to be sewn onto various uniforms. With carpal tunnel, hand sewing is nigh impossible now. I fished the sewing machine I bought used a couple of years ago out of the attic last night. I fiddled with that thing for over an hour before finally giving up. Then I got online and was reading up on my sewing machine and comparing it to what's out there. I decided perhaps the machine (a dressmaker 8000) was too complicated for me to figure out (without significant help). So I hit Wal-Mart today (for more than just a sewing machine) to check out options. I came home with their cheapest (a Brother) on impulse.

I've since finished my daughter's new Choi uniform (she's gone red & black) as well as her Brownie vest. Now on to my son's Cub Scout brag vest and my own new Choi uniform (I've gone blue). Whee!!

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