Friday, May 04, 2007

A Mom's Brag

Every once in a while I have to brag on my kids. Every mom has the day when she just wants to tell people about what their child did (or didn't), said, or achieved. This is one of those days for me.

My son was invited to join our dojang's demo team. What's this? It means he'll get to show off how much he knows of Choi Kwang Do with some older students. Both to other students and to potential students. He's extraordinarily pleased with this and because he's thrilled, I'm thrilled.

My daughter is the first kindergardner at her school to do AR (Accelerated Reader) at her school. She has gotten half-way to her reading goal and was able to show it off on the morning announcements today. She was tickled pink. Her comment "I have to look PRETTY for TV!". So she wore a tie-dye dress to shake hands with the principal and receive her certificate.

So, as a proud mama, I share my kids' achievements just because I can.

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