Saturday, April 14, 2007

diet coke and..

My sister came in last night for a visit with her kids. I've been saving several (25) bottles of diet coke just to play with mentos. We got them out last night and let the kids use up two boxes of mentos to see how high we could get them to spray. From there we decided to try some other things to see what would happen. . . I went fishing in my cleaning closet and pulled out a couple of other things..

Rolaids and Tums - fizzed, but didn't spray
Alka Seltzer had a surprisingly disappointing reaction (very little happened)
Moth Balls - nothing
Epsom Salt - nothing
Kaboom foaming toilet cleaner - nothing unless you shake the bottle (make sure to point the top away from you and cover with your hand) - then it makes a great sprayer. Might be fun to put a hole in the lid of the bottle, then shake this one with the lid on.
jelly beans - (someone told me that it was the sugar coat on the mentos that makes the reaction) - nothing

We had quite a mess in my yard by the time we were finished, but all in all, quite a fun activity.

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