Monday, November 13, 2006

Toy Boxes

Most parents have probably already discovered this one. Toy boxes are the bane of parents. They hold too many toys, most of which get buried at the bottom. Toys that aren't seen, don't get played with. So the toys on the bottom, they stay on the bottom. I'm lucky if the toys in the boxes get played with at all. I've been watching my kids since the beginning of the year. They haven't touched more than one or two toys (sitting on the top of the box) since January.

So, I'm making it my mission between now and Christmas to eliminate the toy boxes in my kids' bedrooms. They have bins and shelves downstairs that work very well. So I'll sort out the unplayed-with toys, donate them to charity, and the rest will go on shelves. If there's no space, they won't stay. We just don't have the room for that many toys. Especially if they won't get played with.

Of course, all of this will happen while my kids are at school. I'm not so crazy as to try to do this while they're home. I'll also make sure that what gets removed, just disappears. No point in having the argument "but I play with that!" when I know they don't.

So, parents that are new to the toy portion of kids, make sure that any toy your child has can be seen. If you don't have enough space to display the toys where kids can find them easily and put them away just as easily, then you have too many toys. Just thought I'd save you the problems later by pointing it out now. Ack.

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