Sunday, November 12, 2006

How to Annoy Children pt 2.

Have them do their chores for no reward. Hmph. Somehow mine got the impression that if they did their chores I'd give them back their game cube. I never stated that would happen, but when they got done they wanted it back. It was taken away from them because they WOULDN'T do their chores. But the Game Cube is a rainy day only toy anyway, so since it isn't raining, they don't get it.

I also pointed out to them that they have a lot of toys that they never play with because they're generally playing video games. I asked why they wanted so many other toys when they never play with them (they're playing video games instead). Amazingly enough, they wandered off to go play with some fo their other toys.

I'm such a mean mommy. :P

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DD said...

Wecome to the mean mommy club.