Monday, October 02, 2006

Communication is key

My daughter wants to be a Daisy Girl Scout. We went to the local girl scout roundup, filled out the interest form and were told that we'd hear something by the end of the next week. Two weeks later (after hearing nothing) I wandered into the regional office to turn in an application for my daughter to become a Juliette. While I was there, I decided I'd ask about troops and explain what happened. I was given a name and contacted that person (I'm witholding names just because). When she got back to me, I was told that it would take weeks for the volunteers for leaders to have their background checks completed. At that point they would then have to go through training before they would be allowed to form a troop. My question is, why couldn't this have been stated up front at the round up? My daughter is determined enough to get what she wants, troop or no troop, so it doesn't affect me as much. But by the time they get around to telling everyone else that was at roundup, they're going to lose girls because they've either forgotten about it and started something else, or lost interest because something was more readily available. That, of course, assumes that they notify anyone of anything.
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