Sunday, September 17, 2006

Imagine It - Atlanta's Childrens Museum

My husband took my son to his first GA Tech football game yesterday, so I took my daughter out to the Children's Museum. I have to admit I was disappointed. I took my niece/nephews and my kids out there not long after it opened (and was more expensive) and was rather disappointed then too. But I wanted to give it another try to see if it had changed or if my reaction was over-colored by my kids' reactions.

Last time I had my mom along to help with kid-monitoring. My daughter was less than 2 so we hit the "under 2" area for most of the visit. My niece was actually too old at that time to really enjoy it and was done inside 20 minutes. My older nephew finished in 30. My son and youngest nephew took to the ball cranks and enjoyed that for about an hour. Then all were done and ready to go. Not really worth the money paid for the visit.

This time it was just me and my daughter and we explored everything. She was done in an hour and a half. Just for your reference, here were the activities.. She was young enough to still play with the water area (5 & under), so we did that for maybe 5 minutes. She enjoyed the grocery for a while (maybe 20 minutes). Then we hit the ball area (cranks/tubes/etc) where kids can make the balls go various places for about 30 minutes. We hit the sand table last for maybe 5 minutes. She looked at the dancing/stage area and wasn't hugely interested. We did explore the sleep stuff, too.

Not a bad price for the visit, though not necessarily worth the drive and parking fees all told. I was glad we have annual passes for the kids. She and I wandered over to the aquarium and visited there for the remainder of the ball game. Then we went and met up with my husband and son and went to the Zoo for Member's Only night.

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