Friday, May 26, 2006

What Not to Wear

I have to say I appreciate Stacey and Clinton and their efforts on the show to get people to wear what's best for their body. I only wish I could get them to evaluate me. I have taken a couple of points that they constantly present to heart and I will say that they work well.

1- If you wear something that really fits, it feels better. Taking the time to find the right size really helps, though having kids kinda makes that difficult. (I have a suggestion for some of you on this - Monkey Business. It's a new inflatable place in a couple of malls near me.. you can drop your kids off to play while you go shop. Cool idea, with a couple of drawbacks. I'll write more on this one another time.)

2- If you actually take your time to "dress", your self confidence will take a boost. I've started dressing better (not just jeans and an oversize t-shirt) and I really feel better about myself. It may sound kind of trite, but it's true. I take the time to put on well fitting jeans and a nice button down and I feel better.

Thank you Stacey and Clinton. I may not be totally fashionable, but at least I feel a lot better about what I am wearing. :)

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