Thursday, May 25, 2006

Movie Review: DaVinci Code

I saw the movie yesterday after having read the book. I have to say I liked the book better. More details that helped fill in gaps that the movie had to leave out due to time. However, Ian McKellen played a great insane Leigh Teabing. He carries out that character with great pinache. Tom Hanks did well as Robert Langdon. I know he's getting older, but somehow during the movie it really came home how much older he really is. The other actor I liked during the movie was Jean Reno as Captain Fache. The others did well enough, but it was these three that to me made the 'ok' movie a 'good' movie. They left out a little too much for me for it to be ranked a 'great' movie.

BTW: Happy Birthday to Ian McKellen! I look forward to seeing you in many more movies.

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