Monday, April 17, 2006

Kids and gardens

I took my kids to help me pick out some flowers to plant at the front of our house. My front "garden" had a bare spot that needed filling, so I decided the kids were just what it needed. It took a couple of trips to Home Depot to get all the flowers (I wasn't sure how many it would actually take), but here's what they came up with. I did half of the planting, but that's ok.

We also picked up a couple of other plants. My son wanted to try growing a tomato plant as well as some lettuce. My best sunny areas are in the back yard with the dogs which means they'd quickly be trampled or redug for us, so they're staying in pots instead.

The flowers are petunias, dianthus, bleeding hearts, and two other (rather unusual) flowers that I don't have names for.

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