Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kids and Leadership

My son had the opportunity last night to not only lead the class in it's stretches but in the basic defense and patterns last night. The normal instructor is out of town and the one there decided to see what he could do by letting him lead. My son was the only black belt club member there and was the highest rank belt as well. I have to admit, my son really likes being in the leader position. He was grinning the entire class time.

I've watched for a while now when the instructors let the kids lead the classes. Most of them respond quite well and it shows in their performance. Everyone from 4 year olds up do well (for the most part, there are always exceptions).

This Saturday will be special for him as well. Grand Master Choi is having a training class just for the black belt club members. My son wants to go and meet him and maybe get him to put his name on his dobaks in Korean. "That'd be cool.." is my son's opinion.

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