Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Weird Kids

I was tagged by landismom to write 5 ways of how my kids are weird. Only 5? Ha. Anyway.

1 - My kids are convinced my bedroom (with no toys) is much more fun than their bedrooms (with all the toys).
2 - They love to build "forts" out of stuffed animals piled on top of themselves on their beds. (IE: one lies on the bed, the other piles all the stuffed animals on top of the other. Thus, the fort.)
3 - My daughter loves to sit on top of her brother. Doesn't matter what he's doing, she'll wander over and sit on him. He'll let her sit for a while, then when he gets tired of it just stand up and have her slide off.
4 - My kids love getting mail, but only if it's interesting. Magazines, cards, letters, etc. are NOT interesting.
5 - My daughter would rather have peanut butter on one piece of bread than candy. What kid doesn't want candy?

I have to tag someone else with this meme, so I'll tag Nina, Sheryl, and Cori.

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