Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kid Stuff

I've been working at my son's school most of this week while teachers do workshops and planning meetings. I don't know what it is about subs that throw the kids for such a loop (other than change in pattern). My son has been "off" today since getting home from school. He had a sub in his class (not me) is the best reason I can figure. He's not being "bad", but he's definitely pushing buttons tonight. It doesn't help that his sister has been having a bad bout with her asthma the past few days and I had to have their dad take her to the doctor today. (Not that the doctor changed anything about what we were doing, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't something we were missing.)

Oi. I can say I've enjoyed the classes though. The 2nd graders weren't as bad as I'd figured, though the 3rd graders definitely tried to push buttons and see what they could get away with. They learned they couldn't walk over me, though I did give when pushed politely. :)

For some reason, though, the 1st graders I was working with today seemed rather dense. They aren't by any means dumb, but they couldn't quite figure out what they were doing either. The highlight of their day was when I taught them how to play "4 corners" (I have to thank the 2nd graders for that game). Well, that and going outside to run wildly for a while in the cold air.

The school wants to test my son for the FOCUS program. I sent in my permission form, we'll see where that goes. I still want to try to move next year, but hubby doesn't think we can due to finances. So, I'll keep working on fixing up the house (without pushing so hard to get it done by my original deadline) and we'll see what happens from there. My son also tests for his gold belt on the 10th in Choi. He's very excited about that.

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