Monday, August 01, 2005

My kids are home.

I have to admit, as much as I liked having time to myself and my husband, it's good to have the kids home. My house is just too quiet and I got too bored. It's funny to think that all the things I do to keep them entertained I also use to keep ME entertained. I love playing with my kids and it's weird to not be able to do that.

So they had a great weekend with their grandparents. My son decided this morning that he wanted to come home. My daughter was ready to stay a couple more days. Grandparents brought them home, stayed for dinner and watched Robert take his Choi class. They were impressed. :)

Tomorrow and Wednesday are the last two days I'll get to spend with my kids on summer vacation. Then I head out for a few days with MY mom. Hubby in the meantime gets to register son for 1st grade and take daughter to her pre-k open house. Of course, I'll be home Monday to take them both to school and to watch my son get off the bus.

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