Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm FLYing

I'm just a baby FLYer, but hey, it's starting to work. I don't do any major clean-ups, just a lot of small ones. It's keeping me from getting frustrated and I'm actually starting to see the change! My kitchen for starters looks MUCH better. Hard to believe that just remembering to "shine your sink" every day can make such a difference. I'm keeping my kitchen table cleaner, my cabinets are still getting cluttered, but not to half the extent they were. Since tables/cabinets are cleaner, floor looks cleaner too. Yipee!

I just finished 'fixing' the kids' playroom, and it should be a lot easier for both them AND me to keep it that way. I've still got headway to make in the office, but the floor is mostly clear and the desk top looks better too. I hope to be able to add another fan in there to help keep it cooler. With 3 computers running, it gets hot during the day.

Next stop: my bathroom vanity. Whew!

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