Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Consignment sales are dangerous

to your wallet. ;) I went back to the big Gwinnett Sale today to look at the videos for my kids, see if I could find a video now system, etc. I was actually a lot more successful than I'd planned. :) My kids stocked up on clothes during tax-free weekend thanks to help from their Mimi & Grumps. Well, I've added to their supply of winter stuff today. It's still 90+ degrees outside, so I'll have to put my daughter's new dresses somewhere OTHER than in her closet. Or she'll insist on being able to wear them NOW. My son at least has some sense when it comes to getting dressed. He's content in shorts and a tee right now.

I did find a video now system, black & white. I thought I'd found color until I got the wrapping open. Oh well. I got it to give my kids something to do while sibling is doing their sport. So it'll do.

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