Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to School

Well, I got my kids off to school ok this morning. I didn't receive any calls today so I guess everything went ok. I had to worry as hubby was supposed to fill out all forms for my son to register on THURSDAY and leave them with the teacher. Instead, since hubby didn't take son's SS# with him and he didn't think to call or go back to get it, he brought all the paperwork home. I got to fill it all out yesterday afternoon and pray that it wouldn't be a problem with my son taking it in to his teacher this morning. Argh. Not the way I wanted to start the school year.

Didn't help that my brain wouldn't turn off last night. Instead if it could worry about something, it did. When I finally relaxed enough to go to sleep, my daughter woke up. I got her back to bed, started to relax, and she joined us. I finally drifted off a little after 5a when I had to be up by 6:30. Umph.

Daughter's first day of preschool went great. She had pears and decided they were good. She also informed me that she had fun playing. My son hasn't gotten home yet, so I'll have to update on him later.

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