Monday, August 15, 2005

Anyone need a puppy?

My mom found this puppy in the street, shaking, hurt, and desperately wanting to go home with her. No tags, obviously not fed recently (you can see ribs and hip bones). My dad has said she cannot keep it (they have one dog already and are planning to move toward the end of the year). It's a sweet heart of a dog. Puppy, MAY BE 1 year old. Part lab, part ?? (rottweiler?) Big puppy feet, seems to be ok with other dogs. Don't know about housebroken as my dad won't let her in the house. Very well mannered for a puppy, may do well for obedience/agility.

She is not and will not be a small dog. Probably around 45 pounds now, probably around 80-100 full grown. My mom's going to call around to local rescue groups and see if any can take her, preferably before she gets too attached.

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