Monday, July 25, 2005

It's too hot..

to do very much around here (temps in the 94 range, add in humidity and everything else, temp ends up around 100). Ack. Kids have run through majority of their toys here. Friends are occupied elsewhere, so we're on our own. We went and checked out a new arcade in the area today. It's called Crazy Nickels. You pay $2.50 per PERSON to get in, then all the games are a varying amount based on nickels. They take anywhere from 1 - 8 nickels each. Pretty good selection of games. We only played for about an hour. My major complaint is that most of the games my daughter would have liked to have played were either turned off or marked "out of order". They did have food (hotdogs & such), but I didn't get any food. They won't let you bring food in, so we went across the road and had McDs isntead. If you leave, they'll make you pay to get back in too. No re-entry. I spent less on nickels there as I do on tokens at Chuck E. So I suppose the 2.50 makes up the difference. Here's a couple of photos (via razr) of the place..

For those in Atlanta, it's located on 78 in the Marshall's/Old Navy shopping Center just off of West Park Place in Stone Mountain.

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