Sunday, July 24, 2005

It's a Disaster

As I sit here watching "10.5" on tv, I have to ask myself, what is our fascination for disaster movies? Do we just like killing ourselves off in different ways? Is a natural disaster is better than all the horror/murder movies that get created? I find it easier to watch Mother Nature kill us off than another person. More impersonal, I'd guess.

I've watched "Volcano", "Twister", "Dante's Peak", "Day After Tomorrow", and more. For some reason, though I watch them and enjoy them, I'm not interested in seeing them a second time (unless they come on tv and I'm bored). Watching Mother Nature destroy various parts of the earth (or the entire earth) is rather overwhelming. Even as a fiction (or sci fi) movie.

So why is it that I like watching the earth fall apart? I at least partly like watching the "hero" save a few million people (cause in most of these, they save enough people to keep going). Even if it's not very realistic, or even if it's a little TOO realistic. Seeing Tommy Lee Jones, Pierce Brosnan, and their like saving the world. As long as I survived the disaster WITH them, I guess I wouldn't mind.

My husband, on the other hand, hates movies that totally ignore what might happen in "reality". So all my disaster movies, he sits and snorts at and makes snide comments to the producers (tv).

What about you?

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