Friday, June 24, 2005

Testing for White Senior

My son heads out to Kennesaw tomorrow to be tested for his white senior belt. One of his instructors said he's more than ready. It'll be cool as we'll get to see GrandMaster Choi and some of the black belt testing that will be going on. If we didn't test tomorrow, we'd have to wait until August. Next test is actually offered in July, but we'll be out of town again.

The sad thing is that I've been working with another mom in the neighborhood to put together a party for neighborhood. So I'll get to go set up, party for maybe an hour (probably a bit less), then take my son to his test. Oh well. If we're lucky, we'll get back before the party is over.

My son is excited about getting to test and see GrandMaster Choi, so that makes it worth it.

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