Thursday, June 23, 2005

Small Steps

Most moms seem to have already figured most of this out and I have to admit I've known it but not really thought about it until recently. What is it? That sometimes you have to TAKE the time to make yourself feel better. I'm so out of sync when it comes of thinking of me instead of kids, house, husband, etc. So, I've started small. I've exercised off and on for a long time, so that step had already happened. Instead, I've started with the take time for cleaning/moisturizing/some makeup thing. I won't do much with the make-up thing (concealer, blush, finishing powder) as yet, but eventually possibly. It's amazing, though, how simply using a cleaner (not soap) for the face and a moisturizer (not jergens) following makes me feel a little better.

Hubby was quite surprised to watch me go through the steps the other day. It's not something I do, so it didn't fit. I asked him what he'd think if I became a "girly girl" and put on make-up everyday. He said he'd have to find out who swapped wives on him. HA!

Anyway, so I recommend starting small and taking the time to do something for yourself each day. Whether it's as simple as making everyone wait a few extra minutes while you beautify yourself or something more, it's up to you.

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