Friday, June 03, 2005

Strawberry picking

If you've never taken your kids strawberry picking, you should. They have a lot of fun seeing who can pick more berries. I took my two today. Unfortunately, we've had a lot of rain lately so a lot of the strawberries were going bad on the plant. We did manage to get 2 gallons worth, though. With my daughter's birthday party tomorrow, we're goin g to take half and put them out as snacks for party goers. I'll pick up some powdered sugar and some chocolate dip for them. MMMmm!!

The strange side effect is that apparently I'm allergic to the strawberry plants. The hand I was using to pick with (other hand held a bucket) ended up red with a rash and very itchy by the end of the hour. I came home, washed it, and put an anti-itch lotion on it. I did take a claritin, but the rash was mostly gone before the claritin kicked in.

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