Thursday, June 02, 2005

New Kids Activity Place

I heard about a new place at a local mall, so I took my kids to check it out today. It's called "Fun 4 Every 1". They've taken a large shop and cleared it, then added in a variety of inflatables for the kids to play on. You pay for a certain amount of time, and the kids can go jump and run. They had out 2 different moonwalks, a slide that can be used with water, and a smaller obstacle course out today. My son figured out the obstacle course pretty quickly. My daughter had a hard time figuring out how to climb the back of the large slide. She was frustrated very quickly. From what I saw, she wasn't the only one having problems.

It is apparently a new trend, at least in Atlanta, for places like this to show up. I'd heard of one called "Pump it Up", but the closest is in Suwanee, which really isn't that close. There may be others but I haven't heard of them yet.

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