Monday, June 27, 2005

How sad..

I'm so glad I'm not in the dating world any more. Apparently now it's necessary for your local cell phone service to provide a means for you to get out of a date. Cingular offers "Escape a date" as part of one of their packages. You can set it up to call you at a set time, and even gives you a script you can use, so that you can claim you have to leave and thus end your date that much more quickly. You can see some more info about it here:

There's also a new way to attract attention. Using fake ATM receipts that list your balance as $100K to give someone your phone number. The idea is that you keep a receipt in your wallet, then when you want to give a girl (or guy, I guess) your phone number, you pull out the receipt and write your phone number on the back. Thus, giving the other person the idea that you have more than you do.

My pastor told us about these Sunday during his sermon. (It was about escaping/escapism.) Oi.

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