Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fat kids

I generally don't worry about who's over weight and who's not. But after hearing all the talk on the news about the obesity problem in kids, it's hard some times not to notice. I was sitting at the Y today while my kids were in swim class and watching the kids that were there for day camp. I saw two totally different groups of kids and I would say 2/3 of them were either over weight or flat out obese. Now, by over weight, I don't mean they've got a soft tummy or a little pooch. I mean that if they should weigh 100 they weigh closer to 120. Obese was just that, just a round ball shaped kid. They ranged in age from 9 to I would guess around 14.

I think the only reason I really noticed the kids weight was that there were just so many of them that have problems. I don't know that I've seen that many in one area before, though I have to admit I don't go into most schools to watch. It's a concern, though, because it causes health problems for those kids later in life (if they don't already have them).

Here's an interesting article about obese kids and it's psychological causes/effects.

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