Sunday, May 29, 2005


I was reviewing my blog and realizing how little content I've actually posted lately. Ture, I've relayed some bits of interesting info, but not a lot of content. I got caught up in the end of the school year rush, then son getting sick. Then daughter and I got sick. Things are starting to "settle", finally.

We go to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra this afternoon. We have passes to their family series. Today's show is the last of the series, 'The Mozart Experience'. The kids up to now have really enjoyed the programs. The most memorable one we went to was 'Peter & the Wolf'. The conductor took time to explain what the different tones did for the mood, speed did for the action, etc. There were 4 'dancers' that performed the various parts. They ran through the program slowly so the kids could see what was supposed to happen, then they ran through it at normal speed so the kids could experience the real performance. This was an excellent way to break down classical music so that kids can understand.

My kids loved the Firebird program too. They missed the initial introduction due to traffic, but loved the puppets that were used. For those of you that are iffy about introducing your kids to classic music and the orchestra, don't be! It can be surprisingly good for you and them. My guys (3 & 6) enjoy music of all types. I'm hoping to keep them along those tracks as they grow.

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